Wardrobe Essentials for Fall 2021

It’s the beginning of October, y’all!🍂 

Can you smell the pumpkin spice wafting through the air? The drop of a leaf and we run to grab our cozy cardis and flannel, cue The Great Pumpkin soundtrack, light the autumn candles ~ it’s fall GO time! Forge ahead into one of our favorite seasons with these six amazing essentials.



The LPSD is a spin on the LBD ~ instead of Little Black Dress, we are talking Little Puff Sleeved Dress here! Every gal needs a puff sleeved dress in their wardrobe lineup this fall, because they are effortlessly chic. Just looking at it in your closet is like an art piece that you actually want to wear! Playing dress ups every day for LIFE! Over here in Texas, it’s not legit fall until maybe the first week of November, but these dresses will transition so easily to those cooler temperatures. Envision yourself at lunch or at church with your family or friends, in a floral puff sleeved ensemble, paired with sandals or white converse. Also take this look from daytime to nighttime; dress one of these adorable frocks with your favorite platform wedges and loose curls for date night, or something fancier like a wedding rehearsal dinner. No matter what the occasion, this is the perfect trend to dress down during the day, and up at night, and either way you will still feel AND look like a princess. We love a versatile fit! 👸🏼👑💖

The Cozy Tunic with the SWAG

If you’re the kind of person who loves to look chic while doing ALL the things, this tunic is an absolute necessity for your closet! A typical day for you would be running errands, dropping the kiddos off at school, getting your nails done super quick, stopping by Target to grab essentials (and also Starbs), picking up dry cleaning, taking the kids to the after school activities, plus the millions of other tasks in between, and you “can’t stop won’t stop all day” kind of day - this is YOUR go to outfit this fall. When you wake up in the morning and you don’t really want to throw on work out clothes just to run around but still want to look so cute - this 👏🏻 is 👏🏻 what 👏🏻 you 👏🏻 need 👏🏻. Pair over your favorite throw and go leggings, and some trendy shoes like your favorite fashion sneakers, maybe some converse high tops or checkered vans, or some pull on Doc Martens white boots, and you’re all set to look fabulous the entire day!

When in Doubt, FLANNEL it OUT!


OK girl, flannel makes the list EVERY fall, but come on - it’s TOO good to pass up! Maybe you have that quintessential flannel top that makes an appearance every year because it’s timeless, but maybe your closet is also asking for some NEW colors to throw into the mix! If you’re a gal on the go, our plaids and flannels can be worn over leggings and a cute brami / cami top or a band tee, perfect for jetting across town for a quick HEB run, or a quick coffee fix. Or even to wear all day! It’s so effortless and so, so cute.


Picture this - it’s 6 AM and you’re waking up for work. You either zoom from home or you work in an office that allows a fun mix of casual - but you also like to keep it chic and professional. Maybe you’re taking a few appointments with clients and then doing your own thing with family and friends, and you need THAT perfect top. Not just any top, but the top where it always reminds you of an amazing season and amazing time in your life? Maybe you’re headed out of town for a three day weekend to somewhere in the Texas Hill Country, sampling wine and amazing food with your friends and loved ones. Maybe you’re spending a day of shopping and brunching, enjoying the sights outdoors as the weather changes - you need a top that you can pair with jeans, pants, or even cute shorts (until it gets a little colder). Some of our favorite new arrivals are our floral boho bell sleeve top, perfect to pair with some groovy flare denim. We also LOVE the corduroy trend - and paired with the puff sleeved trend?! PERFECTION! So many prints and patterns in top form right now, you literally can’t choose just one. You need them all!

ROCKER Chic Tees!

Oh to the em gee! We love a sassy tee - it’s like the new denim button down, everyone absolutely needs one, and bonus points if you make a playlist to jam out to while getting ready for a day in this whole ensemble! Wear your tees with an open cardi, your favorite jeans, and your most beloved sneakers for that ultimate hipster indie girl vibe. Pair it with dainty hoops and necklaces for that “thrown together but didn’t even think twice vibe”, or wear your favorite rocker tee with a cute skirt and ankle boots, throw a denim jacket on top of that hot girl look and ROCK the day with confidence!!!

Not just ANY hat - THE actual BEST hat!

So you know those hats that everyone wears to music festivals? Maybe your favorite cool girl musician rocks them with a maxi dress and tons of bracelets, or you’ve seen them with a pair of boyfriend denim + a fabulous chic white top? Well, look no further - because we carry an array of Gigi Pip hats, the literal best hats in the world! Perfect for your brunching with an adorable floral and some ankle booties, or maybe with a leather jacket and cowboy boots + a chic dress number for date night. A million ways to style these beauties for all sorts of occasions and fit vibes!
Hair tip - wear your hair in a loose boho braid, or waves and curls for days! Also a chic low bun on the days you don’t actually *feel* like doing your hair or washing it, but still want to look pieced together. Also, these hats are AMAZING for travel, and will always look good in pictures! 
LHB Beauties,
Thank you for tuning in for our first ever Light House Boutique blog post! Stay tuned for more fashion blogging fun coming soon weekly!
Shine bright! 💡✨💙