Self Care Obsessions

Easy like Sunday morning, writing this blog in the coziest environment. It's important to rest, relax, and take care of yourself! Here are our favorite ways to unwind and also recharge, so that we can do all the things from a full cup. 

Break a Sweat

It sounds counterintuitive to "relax" by exercising, but exercise releases endorphins. Endorphins make you happy! If you've had a stressful day, try stretching and yoga poses, go for a run, maybe you have a workout bike at home, or do some light weight exercises to get the blood pumping. Move your body and release all the negativity from the day by breaking a sweat. You'll have a better night's sleep, and will wake up refreshed to conquer the world like the boss babe that you are! Bonus points: The LHB carries the cutest athleisure, so look cute while getting FIT! 


Soak in the Tub

You might be more of a shower person, but soaking in a bubble bath or bath salt soak purifies and releases toxins from your body, allowing your body to heal from a hard day or challenging time. Maybe you just want to be proactive and get a soothing night's sleep - a cozy bath is a great way to unwind and reset. Light some candles, play some music, or set the ipad on the counter for a little Netflix and chill, bubble bath style!


Jam to Classical Music 

Sometimes it's nice to just listen to beautiful tones and soothing melodies without words. Take it back, way way back, to the days of classical music! Remember in the 90's when Planet Music / Borders existed? They carried classical music compilations on CD's by Philips recording studio that had various composers like Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Debussy, etc. Now in the age of streaming, they are easily found on Spotify and Apple Music, as well as youtube. Here are some favorites that will soothe the soul and help you to rest into a deep relaxing state:


Create a Cozy Vibe

We LOVE essential oils! There is nothing better than diffusing a beautiful fall oil blend on a cozy, cloudy morning. We also love candles as well! Creating an atmosphere of peace in your home, as your home is your personal sanctuary, is crucial for replenishing your soul. 


Drink Up!

Our favorite drink of all time: Water! So good for skin and organs. Water is essential to help nutrients travel through your body, not to mention water continues to bring clarity, keeps you hydrated, aids in digestion, and prevents bacteria from settling into your bladder. Besides water, we love to drink healthy drinks throughout the day. Try mixing a little apple cider vinegar into your water glass to create a healthy tonic, which helps detox and heal your body. We also do love COFFEE! Coffee is an amazing for its' antioxidant purposes, as well as the energy it provides. Also, drinking green drinks are our favorite pasttimes. Amazing greens is a great superfoods supplement that you can add to water or to your smoothies for a vitamin pick me up. Suja also creates an amazing line of organic juices - look for ones low in sugar content to avoid that 30 minute crash after consuming. 


Netflix and Chill

Watching a show that brings your soul comfort, like a warm blanket, versus watching something stressful that keeps you on the edge of your seat, will ensure a proper night's relaxation. Try watching your faves about an hour before bed, although we are only human and sometimes can fall asleep while watching these classics!


Go outside in Nature

Maybe you love to garden, or you just want to go for a stroll or hike. Humans are like plants, they need water and sunlight (and food) to thrive! Sunlight is essential for vitamin D production in our bodies. Be sure to get outside, bonus points if it's within the first 30 minutes of waking up. The universe whispers in nature, so take time to reconnect with the Creator by stepping outside and enjoying the fresh air. 

We love you, LHB Beauties! Continue to shine bright, and take care of yourself! ✨💙