La Vie En Rose 🌹

Imagine living life every day at the most highlighted reel peak of your life. Where everything is beautiful, romantic, absolutely exceptional. Being so present and remaining in a place of gratitude for all we have and all our dreams to come is a beautiful place to be. Here are some ways to accentuate the everyday, and to turn the mundane daily tasks into the most exquisite memories.

👨🏻‍🍳 Indulge with Good Ingredients

This one is kind of a given for anyone who loves food, but even shopping for the top notch quality ingredients or healthiest items on a budget can sometimes be daunting. It doesn’t have to be! Our tip: shop the perimeter of the grocery store first. Fresh is best, so also check out your local farmers markets and romanticize eating those fruits and veggies! Vitamins and minerals are heavenly. One of our favorite Sunday power moves: healthy grocery shopping, and then organizing the fridge. It sets up the week ahead so well, and when you plan well, you feel your best. There is no substitute for eating well and feeling your best self. Look for the leafy green things, drink the green juice, the more plants you can eat, the better! Pro tip: go grocery shopping in your cutest outfit. When you show up as your best, you’ll certainly feel your best, even for the most basic daily activities.

🚗 Take the Day Trip 

Have a day off? Need a day off? Pencil in your calendar to take a long drive by yourself or with a loved one, and get out in the open air and on the open roads. Fresh air and new scenery is good for the soul. Go somewhere that sparks creativity in your soul! Your mind, body, and soul will thank you for new daydreams, new goals, and just a new perspective on life. That is a ripe combination for gratitude! Pro tip: make a playlist of your absolute favorite songs - concert for one, starring you? I think yes! Extra pro tip: Come visit us at The Light House Boutique!

💡 Engage Your Curiosity

Step out of your comfort zone and try something new! We are creatures of habit, so once we find things we like, we stick to them. This can create some stagnant areas in our lives very quickly. One great example is to try to step out a little bit with fashion. Are you stuck in a rut with the same jeans from 2005? I know, they probably fit amazing and you’re comfortable in them. But try a different style - if you’re into skinny jeans, try a straight leg fit with a different style shoe. All of the sudden, once you’ve tried something on and can finally envision it for your body, you are then branching out and becoming more adventurous and playful in fashion. This is a recipe for growth and daydreaming in all areas of life! You don’ have to rock a tulle skirt at HEB just yet if you’re used to athleisure. But if you’re thinking about trying something new… life is short, so why not? You’ve got EVERYTHING to gain!

🎀 Treat Yourself to the Pretties

We are big fans of treating ourselves to the special thing! Just like we give our kids treats, it’s important to not forget about ourselves. Maybe you’re treating yourself because it’s Monday, and you just want a little Monday happy in your life after work, so buy the dress or the sunglasses you’ve been wanting! Maybe you’ve been daydreaming about getting bangs and a fresh new color for your hair. Definitely do it! Maybe you love crafts and you have been thinking about starting a new quilting project, or sewing a pretty thing for your home. Whatever your hobby or taste of life is, don’t deny yourself. You are worthy of the thing you are dreaming and desiring.

💐 Stop and Smell the Flowers

Take time to enjoy nature around you. Maybe this is a treat yourself item, but buy yourself some flowers from the store! Plant a beautiful garden of herbs. Take time to appreciate what grows from the earth. The various colors and scents of the flowers around us are incredible when you really stop and think about it. There is nothing that says romanticize life, or La Vie En Rose, quite like actually treating ourselves to the roses. Place them on your table and admire with that fresh cup of coffee. Place them on the mantle and light your favorite candle for the ultimate hygge vibe.

What matters is truly what’s in our soul. Is it well with our souls, to where we can get to a place of gratitude? I don’t know your walk, or what you’ve been through, the hardships you’ve endured, the rough times you may currently be enduring. I do know that starting from a place of worthiness and cultivating thankfulness can shift a perspective from “glass half empty” to “my cup runneth over.” The life giving positivity from a place of contentment, from love because of Love, can create an atmosphere for not only our souls, but also for those around us. Do the things that open those doors of gratitude, and watch your world shift for the better around you. ENJOY your life, romanticize your life! You are unique, and fearfully and wonderfully made. 

✨ Until next time, shine bright! ✨

Xoxo, April